We have been closely monitoring the news about COVID-19 from CDC, WHO, Florida State officials, as well as our local Miami-Dade and Broward County Official news outlets. We are following all of the recommendations and have been implementing safety measures to keep our patients, medical staff and doctors safe and protected.

This situation is unprecedented and we are all re-adjusting daily as we learn new information about COVID-19 and respond responsibly.

We took the following immediate actions at our facilities as your health and safety is our utmost priority:

  • If you are suspecting to be COVID-19 positive, we ask that you please refer for testing to your local emergency room or any other COVID-19 testing facility. And, please self-quarantine! We ask this for the protection of all other patients that need urgent care for other illnesses and sicknesses. Our facility at the present time is not set up for testing of COVID-19.
  • To minimize exposure time in the waiting area, we are making every effort to bring patients right away into the examination rooms. Some patients choose to wait their turn in their cars and we will give them a call as soon as the room is ready.
  • We continually, disinfect the door handles and chair armrests in the waiting area.
  • We continually, disinfect examination rooms and counter tops for yours and our protection.
  • We ask that all our patients to please come in wearing a mask to protect themselves, other patients, and our doctors and medical staff.
  • We also ask that you come in wearing disposable gloves when you enter our facility and throw them away after leaving. If you do not have gloves please sanitize your hands prior to arriving to our facility, we will provide sanitizing gel upon leaving FastCare. We want to ensure the highest level of protection for you and especially all the elder members of our communities.
  • Most importantly, we ask that you do not panic, we are still learning new information about coronavirus, please stay informed and follow CDC guidelines

At the present moment, our hours of operation remain the same, we are open Monday through Friday 9am – 7pm and Saturday, Sunday and Holidays we are open 9am – 5pm.

We urge all our patients, their family and friends to follow CDC guidelines, the best preventative measure known today is to minimize coronavirus spreading through social distancing.

As we are receiving new guidelines from CDC and our local health officials, we will be implementing them immediately to keep you, our doctors and medical team safe and healthy. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions at 786-923-4000.

In these uncertain times we have each other to rely on. As a community we will persevere and pull through this together!

Click HERE to visit CDC’s website, or call CDC at 1 866-779-6121