FastCare treats work related injuries for many small and large employers in Aventura, Miami Beach and the surrounding areas. Our extended hours of operation during the weekdays and weekends provides more flexibility in the treatment of injuries at the workplace. We are in network with all Workers’ Compensation Insurance companies and can therefore treat all of your employees’ non-life threatening injuries as well as perform pre-employment and post-accident drug screening.

Our goal is to get the injured employee back to work, on a timely basis, at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI); through our comprehensive medical treatment program.


Work Related Injuries

For those injuries sustained at work, FastCare provides Injury care for all non-life threatening emergencies. When an employee has injured him/herself on the job, it is important for the managing supervisor to assess the situation first and foremost. If an employee has lost consciousness or has incurred severe head trauma, please contact your local Emergency Medical Services as these incidences may be life threatening. Although, for all employees who may have slipped and fell, cut themselves, pulled a muscle, sprained an ankle, etc. FastCare offers comprehensive medical care through your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company. For those patients treated at an Emergency Room for their non-life threatening emergency, FastCare can provide follow up care for the patient.

Once the patient is brought in for treatment, and with the consent from either the employer or Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company, we will assess the patients’ accident or injury, inquire as to the details of the accident, the doctor will determine duty capabilities and we then distribute appropriate documents to those parties entitled.

We do not require any type of contracts with employers, at FastCare we are confident in the quality of medical services provided by our Workers’ Compensation certified doctors.


Physical Assessments

FastCare offers a variety of physical assessments for employers.

The following is a list of common physical assessments performed at FastCare:

  • Pre-Placement Physical

  • DOT Physical

  • FDLE Physical

  • PPD/Chest X-Ray

  • Lab Testing

  • EKG

Physical assessments are put into place by employers to ensure each employee is capable of completing the duties and responsibilities their occupation requires.

Drug & Alcohol Screenings

At FastCare, we provide drug and alcohol testing to assist employers in their drug free workplace program. Depending on the needs of each employer, FastCare can provide the appropriate test required. Our technicians are drug and alcohol certified.

Drug and Alcohol tests performed at FastCare:

  • DOT (NIDA)

  • Non-NIDA

Drug Screening services and results

You will be directed to an interactive segment of the website. After logging in, you will have access to many features to help manage your drug testing data including drug test results, statistical reports and client updates.


Employers FAQ’s

A: For your own protection as an employer, we require an authorization either from the company (owner, manager, supervisor, etc.) or the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company in order to treat any employee. You can either call our office directly to give authorization or download our authorization form under “Forms” tab. Once you have downloaded the form, fill it out completely and send your employee in with the signed form. From there, our staff will take over to help ensure the proper medical attention is rendered to your employee.

A: Any time, at your and your employees own convenience. We schedule appointments to remind patients of follow up visits, although if a visit was missed, the employee may come back at any time as long as treatment has still been authorized.

A: FastCare will remain in contact with the employer and Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company regarding all medical updates.

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